30-Minute Spiced Chicken Thighs

You probably know chicken.

You probably know it’s easy to make, it’s always yummy, and it’s… I don’t know. Do you need more reasons? Fine.

It’s also fun to stroll around the kitchen pretending like you’re a chicken while cooking chicken.

While we’re at it, I also incorporated wasabi peas into my breakfast this morning.

I’m actually not a big fan of chicken thighs — they’re too tender for hard-toothed whippersnappers like me. But they taste like chicken, and chicken is chicken. (If you state two obvious things in succession, it sounds reasonable.)

Enough of this. Time to chicken.

Spiced Chicken Thighs

Notes: This recipe gives a slightly spicy, mostly savory taste. Obviously, you can change up the amounts and the specific spices. When I make chicken, I just go through my spice cabinet and throw in every spice that I think tastes good with chicken. I like this combo in particular. 


  • Chicken thighs. From a chicken.
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce + 1/2 cup water + 1 tbsp sugar. For the marinade, of course.
  • Salt & pepper. Hair is not a viable substitute.
  • Garlic powder. Wonder if this works on vampires too. 
  • Cumin. Queue Men (n.) – men standing in line.
  • Cayenne powder. Use your Porsche grinder.


1. Marinate chicken in 1/2 cup soy sauce + 1/2 cup water + 1 tbsp sugar. It’ll make the chicken more flavorful. I’ve forgotten to do this before and it tasted like raw, meat-flavored chicken. Ew, chicken flavored chicken.


2. Preheat oven to 340°F. This is the temperature I use when I’m too lazy to stand there for two more seconds to bump it to 350°F.

3. Season the chicken with everything. Everything is my favorite word when it comes to food.

I took special care to make sure the seasoning evenly coated each chicken thigh.

3. Put it on the skillet and fry both sides. Brown it as much as you want; it won’t brown any more in the oven. Mmm I love my Maillard reaction very much.

I realize that you’re not “supposed” to unfold the chicken thigh, but flavor tastes better than convention.

4. Pop it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. And then open up the oven and find this…


Look at those sizzling juices. It’s glistening. And it smells so darn good.

No, cat, you cannot have any. Stop looking at me with those inquisitive eyes.

Stop it. I draw the line here.


This is all mine.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. These look so tasty! I can’t wait to try this out.

  2. Rene says:

    Looks delicious!

    1. Kitchen Cici says:

      It was delicious! 🙂

  3. Lush! Definitely trying this tomorrow

    1. Kitchen Cici says:

      Cool! Hope you like it! 🙂

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