Current Obsession: PB2

The three certainties in life are death, taxes, and the universal human experience of spooning peanut butter straight from the jar at 1:00am.

And although peanut butter is packed with energy and “healthy” to people with self control (read: no one), it still has a lot of saturated fats and unnecessary calories. Which is why PB2 is so amazing – it’s peanuts without the oils… leaving behind only the peanut-y taste and the high protein.

And it’s incredibly versatile. I’ve used it in overnight oats, protein shakes, cookie recipes, and – mixed with some water – as a healthier peanut butter alternative that’s perfect for dipping with carrots and celery.

(Is it too much information to also admit that I’ve eaten PB2 powder straight from the jar? Because I have.)

So with that, I’ve solved the “peanut butter is too damn addictive to be unhealthy” issue. Still working on the death and taxes part.

Note: I don’t get paid for my opinions. One can wish though.

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