Current Obsession: PB2

The three certainties in life are death, taxes, and the universal human experience of spooning peanut butter straight from the jar at 1:00am.

And although peanut butter is “healthy” to people with self control (read: no one), it still has a lot of saturated fats and unnecessary calories. Which is why PB2 is so amazing – it’s peanuts without the oils… leaving behind only the peanut-y taste and the high protein.

And it’s incredibly versatile. I’ve used it in overnight oats, protein shakes, cookie recipes, and – mixed with some water – as a healthier peanut butter alternative that’s perfect for dipping with carrots and celery.

So with that, I’ve solved the “peanut butter is too damn addictive to be unhealthy” issue. Still working on the death and taxes part.

Note: I don’t get paid for my opinions. You can’t buy this sass.


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