About Me

Hey there!

I’m a medical student who has loved cooking since I was a wee 16-year-old. This blog grew out of a summer of boredom, took a brief hiatus, grew a bit again, and then took an even longer hiatus. But it’s okay – I’m back. And yes, my name is Cici.

So my cooking style is this: creative. I love trying new things with food. Every time I’m in the kitchen, I want to accomplish something, discover something, unearth something new and brilliant and shiny.

At Kitchen Cici, I apply my creative obsession to foods in hopes of making meals healthier, simpler, or just different from anything else. I try a lot of things and fail at most of them, and then blog about the successful ones. Just like Edison.

Recently, I’ve been cooking mostly vegan because it’s a world of new flavors and extra challenges (while doing good for the earth!). I share things because talking about food is what I love.

Welcome home, fellow food adventurers. Welcome to Kitchen Cici.